Encore Boat

Encore Nights:

Discovering French-American Rhythms in Paris and Dakar

Life is a lot like jazz–it’s best when you improvise.”

― George Gershwin

Speedwalking through the Bastille Paris 823x617 %photo

Speedwalking through the Bastille, Paris, France

“You realize we just violated the rule of two,” I said to my husband as we walked for the second time in four days through narrow, crowded streets from the Bastille Metro stop in Paris to L’atelier Charonne dedicated to jazz a la Django Reinhardt.  I was referring to our loose travel rule of never returning to the same place twice.

Django in the Bastille Paris 618x824 %photo

Django in the Bastille, Paris, France

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Boatful of Fashion

Fashion Statements:

Tradition, T-Shirts and Cultural Confusion in Dakar

If the eyes do not admire, the heart will not desire.”

- Senegalese Proverb

640px Dakar   donna con bambino %photo

Mother and Child in Dakar, Senegal by Vincenzo Fotoguru Iaconianni

Packing for our five-day foray into the mainly Muslim, West African nation of Senegal, I got some confusing advice from our daughter studying abroad in Dakar.

“It’s okay to show some cleavage,” she said. “But you need to cover your knees. Make sure Dad understands he can’t wear shorts.”

Just to check, I asked her several times whether her sister and I would need to include shawls to cover our heads and shoulders as needed, the way we did when we visited Israel and Jordan.

“No,” she repeated. “Just cover your knees. And make sure you pack nice things. The Senegalese dress very well.”

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